AHA Smoothing Cream


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Facial rejuvenation cream with AHA (Aplpha Hydroxy acids), offers a gentle exfoliation and can double up as a rub off exfolaitor. Boosts the skin’s natural rejuvenation process and hydrates at the same time, leaving the skin feeling elastic and smooth.

Smoothing, exfoliating, hydrating & Firming.
Increased skin renewal (anti-ageing), and hydrating due to hyaluronic acid (MMW)

How to use:
Apply a thin layer to the face in the evening, if exfolaition is required one may “rub”off the cream over a basin and see the removal of dead skin cells or apply and leave on at bedtime.

It restores the skin’s smooth function, based on a selection of  AHAAcids (lactic, glycolic, mandelic acid) with a pH of 5.0. It demonstrates mild chemical exfoliation properties. Enhanced with Hyalurina Acid ( MMW),  Panthenol, Centella Extract and Aloe Vera, it boosts the skin’s natural rejuvenation process and hydrates the skin, making the skin firm and radiant. It is very elastic and easily absorbed without leaving the skin oily. Recommended to be combined with sun protection.

Do not use during pregnancy.


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