Opsis Eye Gel


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A unique gel that offers immediate refreshment of the skin around the sensitive eye contour area, reduces puffiness and dark circles, while it firms and reduces fine lines!

Rolls Royce of eye gel’s, unique packaging acts as the applicator and can be used to gently massage around the delicate eye area.

How to use:
Apply in the eye contour area by gently massaging using the special design applicator in the morning and/or at night.

If you have been staying up a little bit more on the weekends or celebrating a bit harder over your break, you don’t need to show it with your eyes…! The unique Opsis Eye Gel refreshes the skin around the eyes, reduces puffiness, eye bags in 15 days and dark circles in 10 days, while it firms and reduces fine lines! Get back a rested and radiant look!


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